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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
There is also a brand new Conrad in City Center. If you want thee amenities and a central location, it may well suit you. Given the oppressive heat, having something close to most places can be a real help. Uber means that no particular property is much better than another from a location perspective over a period of 6 days, unless you intend to spend them all at the same museum or other venue.
That's a reasonable suggestion indeed. And it would tend to be substantially less expensive than Rosewood.

For a better selection of restaurants and variety in food and entertainment in the evening, some properties are better located than other properties. I dislike high temperatures with high humidity so much so that the DC summer time has been good for me mainly for two things: to use the pool when stuck in DC or to get out of town and be in the cooler climates of Scandinavia, down in Argentina/Chile, or in the mountains of Eurasia. [I pay to avoid the heat.] And yet for summer evenings in DC, the convenience of walking out the door to get my food and entertainment fix in within such distance so as to avoid breaking a sweat while on foot and to do so without dealing with taxis and other hired vehicles can make a difference. And when the travel party size is 5 people, getting around in hired vehicles with a driver is a different beast than when the travel party is merely 4 people or less.

This "use a taxi/uber" issue is actually one of the reasons why the Rosewood -- even if it manages to be more or less fully open for a late July stay -- should possibly be avoided and a location closer to a Metro station more ideal.

But DC is indeed a rather compact enough place that for tourist day activities the hotel location really doesn't matter so much, as to get to many of the key tourist attractions for daytime visits will mean wanting to use means of transport with air condition operating from door to door.

For summer time visits in DC that involve 5+ days of visit/travel, I would suggest also considering laundry facilities (and costs for such) so as not to go back home with a bunch of sweat-soaked clothes.

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