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Courtyard breakfast, employees visibly not knowing the rules

I have been through the exact same experience than reported by multiple other users. Checking in with titanium status, and having to argue with 4 different employees (while checking and the morning after) to prove that the rule at courtyard In usa is for $10 breakfast voucher per person (member + 1). The sad thing is that they all told me with lot of confidence they knew for sure, and had lots of platinum before and never gave them two vouchers. It is only when one of the manager wanted to prove its point and shown me the chart she used following her ‘self training’ that I was able to mention the fact there is a ** and small prints at the bottom that clearly say member+1. It is weird that I have to argue with ‘people that know better and have done the training’ each time as it really defeat the purpose having status should make you feel appreciated. The experience always gives me the awkward feeling that Marriott is trying its luck playing tricks on me, and honestly it mak me feel bad that I have to ask each time as if this was a big favor to be given the privileges that comes with the status gained. Let alone the fact I ended up with the worst room although the hotel parking was mostly empty and all room types were available on the web. But for an upfgrade I would have had to ask and start arguing again while spending 10 minutes for a $10 breakfast had already consumed too much of my energy and patience. I must admit that with other loyalty programs, such problems were the exception. With The new bonvoy it is getting the norm; many Marriott employees are often confused (many think titanium is bellow platinium therefore no upgrade for you man) and I have encountered some who were plainly lying to avoid giving an upgrade (no better room available for you sir... then ask another agent 5 minutes and they confirm there are plenty of such available rooms for you).
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