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Originally Posted by jsloan View Post
Whether or not there is a fare available is irrelevant. For free SDC, you need inventory in the correct fare bucket, but there does not need to be a fare that covers that inventory. (Meaning: you may be able to change an existing ticket to use that flight, but you can't buy a new ticket at that fare).
Interesting, definitely this time I would have a look. It could also be a system glitch in my experience.

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There is no such thing as "Economy Non-Flex availability." What you saw was a coincidence. If you look at the inventory in ExpertFlyer, as you suggest, you would have seen L availability on those flights, and no L availability on the flights that were not offered.
What I mean by Economy non-flexible is the column that I have squared the header in red.

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I hope they will open the inventory you need.
I wish the same.

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This is a good piece of information, as many people have not been able to see next-day departures on the SDC list recently. Were you using the app?
It was the iPhone app that I have used.
ISTFlyer is online now