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Originally Posted by IAMORGAN View Post
The older you get the more you grow to realise that you have never seen it all and new surprises happen every day. I wonder what the passenger in 3K who presumably hadnít asked for any food thought when presented with the OPís food mid-Atlantic! I can see how some people would just go with it rather than make a fuss but it does seem strange.

OP - will you write in? This is one of those situations where, once the meal has been eaten, if there isnít a spare, it is very difficult to fix. You also mention seat power issues and seat issues.

I think you need to decide whether you want to pursue it further (and if you do, what you would like to achieve). 6,500 Avios for no main meal in international first class (and the service cock up that led to it - yes mistakes happen but it should be put right) feels low to me, so Iíd be tempted to write a concise letter to BA and see what they say. I suspect they will politely tell you theyíre sorry to hear that you didnít receive your first choice of meal and they understand how disappointing this must have been but having reviewed the case thoroughly they are unable to offer you anything more, but if you donít ask you donít get*.

*except in the case of Mr/s 3K who didnít ask for pork 6 hours into the flight but got it anyway.
it is more concerning that that. The OP was allergic to all the other choices, so he had no meal regardless of choice left.
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