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Originally Posted by cx4ever View Post
Looks like PEK is significantly closer to downtown Beijing than PKX (37km to 58km), so PEK will basically become like HND and PKX becomes like NRT? Narita is a bit further at 75km so O&D pax would probably prefer PEK over PKX. Good call I guess. Hopefully they can upgrade the lounge.
Yes, distance wise PEK is significantly closer to downtown Beijing than PKX. However, rumor has it that PKX will be linked by a true `Airport Express' train (unlike the slow one serving PEK). With that said, during its first year of operation, the airport express train will only take you to "Cao Qiao" station, south of downtown Beijing, where you can transfer to Subway Line 10. It will be extended to Beijing CBD sometime between 2020-2021.
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