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Originally Posted by fairhsa View Post
Wondering if anyone else has come up against this.

Been through Singapore several times in the last two weeks - and EVERY TIME (on both exit and entry) their fingerprint (make that, thumb print) reader has failed to either record (or then on exit read) my thumb prints.

It's meant I have ended up taking about 20 mins waiting on both entry and exit while they fiddle around with their machine and keep asking me to "try again".

Hong Kong has no problem with my thumb, which has been letting me in and out for 12 years now with only one machine failure in that whole time...

so what gives? Anyone else experiencing this?
Not the first time I've heard of this issue.

Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
A trick to try with fingerprint readers is to wipe your fingers on your forehead before using the machine. Sometimes the lack of oils on your fingers causes problems, especially if you've washed your hands recently. This tends to work beautifully with the GE machines and also with CLEAR readers, including those for admission to DL airport lounges.
Interesting ... I do the total opposite. I wipe my thumb first ... but maybe I am already greased up!
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