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Standard Water Villa (WV) vs. Superior Water Villa (SWV)

*** First posted October 30, 2015. Re-posted here as original post is archived and not able to be edited ***

Here are a few things to consider when choosing between a WV(Water Villa) and a SWV(Superior Water Villa).

The WVs are 76m(818 sq ft) and the SWVs are 86m(925 sq ft)*. The difference of 10m (107 sq ft) makes the SWVs 13% larger. They are considerably more spacious inside and you really do feel it when you have tried both. The view from the deck is indeed much narrower in the WV as they are narrower than the SWVs by design.

* Note that, after many years (and reports of the inaccuracy to Hilton), the official Hilton website still lists these sizes incorrectly (they are round the wrong way).

Here are the floorplans for both (facing the ocean), starting with the WV and the SWV below that:

And side by side (with WV rotated) to easily compare living space
Note: If pic is squashed due to your monitor resolution or forum thread width, right-click and choose 'View Image' (or equivalent) to open/view the image on its own

Interior Layout
The standard Water Villas are designed in such a manner that the bed is not facing the deck and therefore not facing the sunrise or sunset. On the other hand if you're in a Superior Water Villa all you have to do is lie on the bed like you would normally and you'll be able to see the sunset. It's a small difference for some but perhaps a big difference for others and an even bigger difference for those who have their own music and want to listen to it in a truly relaxing position while watching the sun go down. That's why I was willing to pay the extra $80++/night extra (that was both in 2013 & 2014, now it's $150++) for the Superior.*

* That's the normal step up in cost for low season when making your booking at first, and nothing to do with prices for upgrades

Noise Factor
As previously mentioned, the WVs are set closer together and you can easily hear music and babies crying from the neighbouring villas. In a SWV the neighbours have to be playing the music pretty loud to be heard. Note that the sound from the speakers in the SWVs penetrate reasonably well to the outside of the villa (to the deck area) and so you can easily and clearly hear music while you are on the deck in the jacuzzi and you don't need to turn it up that loud to do so. Even though they both have Bose sound systems, I think there are 4 speakers in the SWVs but only 2 in the WVs. Could be wrong on that though. Will check at a later date or maybe someone else can pitch in and clarify this.
As for which SWVs in particular would have the least noise from neighbours, see this post.

Position and Views
There are 12 WVs on the sunrise side and 16 WVs on the sunset side. If you get a WV, you will be assigned one either on the sunrise side or on the sunset side and, if you have a preference, you can email the reservations department a couple of weeks ahead and hope they'll give you a villa on the particular side you request. Note that it's not a sure thing that they can accommodate your request as it's based on availability and manageability at the time.
As for views from the deck, all the SWVs (with the exception of 331* and 332* and possibly 333 as well) have an unobstructed view of the Indian Ocean while the WVs on the sunrise side face the tip of the main island, the Spa Retreat and the RWVs. It's down to preference, where some people like to stare into emptiness while others don't mind a 'cluttered horizon', so to speak.
* The view from 331 is unfortunately largely obstructed by the OWS(Over Water Spa). For pictures of the view from this villa, see this post and this post
* For a comprehensive post about the views from specific SWVs don't miss this post.

Plunge Pool vs Jacuzzi
The jacuzzis of the SWVs are more comfortable, have more controls and are of course slightly larger. There's also something that is a minor issue but when crabs come up and sit in the water or at the water's edge, they can be easily seen and the ladies have time to prepare and so don't usually scream as they would when they almost step on one. They can be a little hard to spot on or in the plunge pool of a standard WV.

New vs Old?
The WVs were indeed renovated in 2012 but there really isn't anything to notice here and that's partly because there are less SWVs and they are more expensive. Two reasons why they get used less hence the need to re-renovate the standard WVs. We've been inside 4 different WVs (stayed in one) and stayed in two different SWVs and it's very hard to tell which is newer. The things that stood out for us were not 'new vs old' but the differences in space and of course the area of glass floor. Remember that when a villa has been used for a number of years, there's going to be a considerable amount of wear and tear and 'newly renovated' really can't be used anymore to describe them.

Other Factors
The advantages that the WVs have over their more expensive counterparts is of course price and the small section of glass floor with glass desk and transparent chair. Nice I suppose if you want to write a book in the villa or there is torrential rain for a week non-stop*
Snorkelling is much much better at the SWVs than the sunrise-side WVs. In fact there is no live coral at all around the 12 WVs on the sunrise side and you'd be hard pressed to find fish in the water surrounding those villas
As for which SWV in particular is best for kids and beginner swimmers paddling and swimming safely and unobstructed around the villas, see this post
Water depth is much more favourable around the SWVs and the WVs on the sunset side. At low tide, small children can snorkel in comfort and stand up when they want to

* This can happen. As an example, it rained for 9 days non-stop at Rangali from the 1st through 9th of August in 2013. That's no joke. Rain, 24/7 for 9 days straight! Lucky we got there well after it stopped!

Edit (14-April-16):
* Downloaded new WV floorplan from Hilton's website. Old pic of WV had top cut off not showing all of the deck and plunge pool (Hilton website's original pic was like that)
* Resized pics to better reflect actual size and scale. Now beds are the same size whereas before they were different, making it difficult to get a true idea of the size difference in villas
* Added side-by-side pic to compare living space

Edit (02-May-19):
* Added info on 331, its view and link to post with pics

Edit (05-Nov-19):
* Added info on website size inaccuracy
* Hosted pics on FT directly
* Minor enhancements

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