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Singapore Airlines newbie, first time booking

TL;DR-waitlisted for Business Award on Singapore airlines, Rep "RESERVED" Premium Econ seat and said something about changing it to Biz once it becomes available. But I have to do something by May 15 or there's a fee, I couldn't quite understand it. HAS ANYONE DONE THIS? DOES IT WORK?
Sorry I honestly tried searching the threads first but couldn't find my answers.
Can someone kindly help this noob out?
This morning, I waitlisted my mom on the flight from LAX to SIN business award. However, there's a premium econ seat on that flight for less miles, so I confirmed that or so I thought over the phone with the rep. I honestly tried to get my answers via all avenues, I called the Phone Rep and her singlish was hard to understand. I felt bad asking her to repeat for the 3rd time. So right now that prem econ seat is RESERVED not booked. Phone Rep mentioned something like I have to book or cancel the prem econ seat by May 15th Singapore midnight time otherwise it's a 75.00 fee to change.
1. If that Biz class seat becomes available, can I book it and cancel the RESERVED prem econ? How does this work? Do I need to call to get this changed?
2. I read in some previous threads about sending chasers, I tried searching what is a chaser. No luck. So do I email Singapore airlines and ask to check status? what is a chaser? how can I do it?
THANK YOU SO MUCH. P.S. it's my birthday today and this is stressing me out.

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