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Originally Posted by luxtrvlwrks View Post
The service does exist, but I have not used it.

Rosewood Mayakoba is the first hotel that will be offering VIP arrival service to all of their guests, up to four people for $150 total. Perhaps this will help lead the way to lower costs for the service in general, and open it up to more companies offering it.

I agree with others that you should be fine with an 8:45 AM arrival time, but if you are late it could be an issue. April 20 is school vacation week for NYC and BOS public schools. I am not sure about April 27.

Definitely use the Belmond transfer service at a minimum since you will need an early check-in.
Thank you, good to know. $150 is definitely more reasonable than what Belmond is offering. I'm inclined to pay anyway just to ensure a smooth trip. In the grand scheme of things, it's not a huge additional cost. We will definitely be using the Belmond transfer especially considering the early check-in requirement, good point.
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