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Originally Posted by LHR/MEL/Europe FF View Post
Transporting us - in safety - is a given assumption. So that doesn't count for 'value' here. The 'upgraded' food and beverage doesn't count either because it's not the reaon I fly premium. I can manage perfectly well with an economy meal (I do whenever I eat out at a cheap place for lunch or dinner).

The whole point of biz class is the flat bed. That's the product differential over PEY or Y. If you can't use it, there should be full compensation, otherwise I might as well have been in the main cabin. (In other words... would you pay 1000 extra just for the CW meal?)
I agree that the transportation is a given assumption - although I also think that it is reasonable that the transportation of the OP and his bags forms part of the value of his fare. Primarily, we are paying to get from A to B, but just with different amounts of comfort.

If you are making an argument that say the compensation should be partly based upon the difference between CW and WTP, less some allowance for the extras over and above WTP that CW allows, then this may be more reasonable. After all, the seat that BingBongBoy received was arguably close to a WTP product, except with more privacy, space, lounge access, better food etc So maybe as a base point, take the Avios difference between the CW and WTP fares, adjust for other CW elements not provided by WTP and go from there?
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