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Originally Posted by ermen View Post
the difference between the BA board and CX board is that there are not a lot of CX apologists / fanatics here compared to the BA board and you wont get many here jumping into defend CX at the slightest criticism... more like a bunch of jaded travellers who are tired of CXs continued deteriorating standards.

i havent been intoe CX pier F post the CNY period but shame that the service has gone back down to the PP / Sodexo transitioning period. it was bad then but somehow did improve a short while after - but still very sore on how they cheapened the very delicious burger (no more truffle sauce + thick cut fries!!).

still if one had to compare BAs OWE lounge, Pier F knocks it out of the park. Now comparing to CCR - a more even toss up perhaps (certainly the drink is better in the latter). I agree that QF F in SYD/MEL seems to still set the gold standard.


the grass is always greener. The QF F class lounge is pretty ordinary these days and deteriorated a lot in terms of the food quality. Also the worst thing is the speed.
i generally find the pier to be ok. Donít expect it to be a Michelin star restaurant and keep your expectation in check.
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