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Originally Posted by hockeystl View Post
Greetings to my fellow FT'rs who have some insight into Japanese Baseball.

I'm looking to attend my first game with my daughter on our June trip to Japan. I initially planned a Tokyo Giants game at the Dome but after doing some research it appears that's a poor choice.
I can't speak to the secondary market in Japan but since this is your first baseball game in Japan, a Giants game at the Tokyo Dome is certainly fine. You'll get the atmosphere of the Japanese crowds and their chants, along with some of the different foods available versus many of the ballparks in North America. Unfortunately, every single game I've been to in Japan has been in a dome and while not ideal, I still had a great time at each game and stadium I went to. If the hassle to secure Carp tickets is too much, I think you'll still have a great time at the Tokyo Dome. While I'm not dying to go back, if the right opportunity presented itself, I would go see a game there again.

Looking at the calendar for that day, the Swallows are playing at Meiji Jingu against the Buffaloes if you prefer an open air stadium. Barring that, the Bay Stars v Seibu Lions game is in an open air stadium in Yokohama, which is not very far from Tokyo.

Lastly, if you are determined to go see the Carp in Hiroshima and none of us here offer up good enough advice about the secondary market, the subreddit for NPB is a great English language resource.
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