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Any updates from your trip? We're going next week, also a family of 4 with 2 young kids so interested in your experience!
I was there recently, will answer your questions based on what we did.
  • Anything unique or special the resort fee included?
the resort fee got us beach chairs and towels on the beach, that's it. If you are going to stay on property all day every day you can get more value from the fee (see below) but we went out every day so we did not realize any value from it. Id like to see them either provide a free drink or two each day or include parking in the fee.
  • Was there a kids club and was there a fee or was it complimentary?
they have a beach club thing that has a bunch of water type obstacle things in the lake towards the front of the property. the murky water did not interest us but i did see plenty of kids using them. you would need to take one of the golf carts over there as it would be a decent walk with young kids. this is also the place where you would sign out the bikes and what not.
  • How far does the golf cart service go? Can it take you to any restaurants/places next to the property but not on the property?
the resort is a pretty big property and the golf carts will take you any where on it. you would not want to ride one outside of the property. the two neighborhoods that sandwich the property are to far for one and the road is just to busy especially during the day. lots of dump trucks.
  • Any off-resort dining nearby?
the previously mentioned neighborhoods / villages are...still rough around the edges and dare i say, economically depressed since the hurricane. this will become apparent to you as you make your final approach to the property after you get off the highway and are about 10 minutes out. Yes, there are dining options outside of the property but your wife may over rule you on taking the children there especially after dark when the village seems to "come alive". However, if you take a right out of the resort and head to that village, we ate dinner at a restaurant, i think it was the first one on the left, after we got into the actual town, which was pretty decent and priced right.
  • The bikes for rent - did any have kids seats?
not sure as we did not use the bikes..we wanted to but only so many hours in a day. lol
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