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Originally Posted by OskiBear View Post
Here's the link to FlightRadar24 for AA912 (I hope it'll show correctly): https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/aa912

It only goes through April 4th, but shows AA912's scheduled departure each day is 8:40pm and arrival is 4:27am.
So, with DST ending in Chile, it would seem correct that the departure time is going to be an hour "earlier" - even though it's the same time (8:40pm Daylight Saving Time = 7:40pm Standard Time). It appears they are maintaining the arrival time into MIA for 4:27am and just correcting the departure time for the DST to ST change.

Or is my math wrong?
No, I think your math is wrong, because 7:40 PM + 9hr37m would be 5:17 AM.

I counted it out on my fingers several times 7:40 PM, plus 9 hours is 4:40 AM, then the 37 minutes gets you to 5:17 AM.
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