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Brand perceptions

So, I am just kind of curious what general perceptions are on Accor's different brands. Personally, I find most of Accor's brands to be generally far more variable than the brands you find at Hilton/Marriott/etc. and am curious how others feel about this and just generally what you think of the brands.

For me, the brands I stay at the most would be Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel and Mercure. In my experience, I feel like the Pullman is the most consistent. And Mercure is by far the least consistent.

Sofitel: To me, at least ever since they kicked many of the ...... ones out of the brand five or so years ago, Sofitels seem to have a higher standard than the hotels competing in their price points. Many times I will see Sofitels priced around the same as a nearby Hilton or Marriott, but I would generally find Sofitels to be nicer and feel less like sterile business hotels. I think most are 5 stars.

Pullman: Pullman is one of my favourite chains because I like their style. They seem to be very modern but in a practical way. If I had to compare to competitors, I would say it is like Sheraton and W combined as they are generally modern and stylish, but not inconveniently so, and still very practical. Whereas I tend to find Ws to be all fur coat and no knickers. Seem to be a mix of 4 and 5 stars.

Novotel: I find Novotels to be relatively consistent. In Europe I feel like most have that same bed with the reading lights built in. They advertise as being family friendly. As I don't have children, I can not comment on that, but have never felt like they were packed with screaming children, so no complaints. They generally seem to be 4 star hotels.

Mercure: Now for Mercure, I really don't have any impression. When you say Sofitel, Pullman and Novotel, I at least have some image in my head. Whereas with Mercure, I have stayed at hotels all across the board. The only thing Mercure means to me is Accor points and benefits. I have stayed at some very old Mercure that felt like a small family run B&B and have stayed at some very nice modern Mercure that felt like they could have been MGallerys. Definitely a wild card.

Okay, so yeah, basically just starting this thread in the hope other people will want to post your own perceptions on these brands or others. Or tell me why my perceptions are wrong. Would really love to hear about what others think, especially about whether you agree that Accor's brands are generally not as strict as the American chains. Also, if you do agree, do you think this will change now that they have acquired so many other chains that are generally a bit more consistent? Just curious.
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