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Originally Posted by gengar View Post
Just a note - it's pretty much impossible that voice reproduction from a cell phone's speaker would travel through a wall more than a human voice, unless for some reason a frequency in the vocal range that is boosted on the phone happens to be in resonance with the wall.

The reason cell phone speakers often sound "shrill" is that manufacturers love to overboost the 3k-8k range in an attempt to create a richer tone for media playback, but that's certainly not the frequency that's going to be getting past walls. Meanwhile the lower frequencies on these cell phone speakers are absolutely terrible, often -20 or even -30dB off peak by 500Mhz.

Of course, if the walls are thin enough, anything's going to get through.
I don't think that the physics of sound is what's really at issue here.

Originally Posted by bchandler02 View Post
This. Anyone who uses a speakerphone for a business call should be immediately fired. It's NEVER as clear for the person on the other end of the line, and unless there are multiple people participating there is absolutely no reason for it other than your laziness or cheapness.
I agree. Why aren't headphones an indispensable part of ones business travel equipment, right along with the power cord for your laptop? And we've completely overlooked the privacy aspect of discussing business issues where one can be overheard.
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