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I wish it was like that in many hotels I stay at. My stay last weekend at a hotel in China, I had to ask to be moved. After being moved, I had one night of quiet and I had requested that no one with a young child be placed near my room. Yup, got a family with a young kid that wouldn't let me sleep and I did not want to move a second time.

I've had the people above me be absolutely terrible. I've had them give me a suite that was right under the 6am being woken up by the staff getting things ready.

I think hotels have a responsibility to ensure that guests are getting a good night's sleep. That is what we are paying them for. I'm going to try this warning thing, but since I stay in Asia, I don't see it being anything a hotel here would do. The whole loss of face thing and all that. I've learned it is easier for me to change rooms.
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