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Originally Posted by diburning View Post
Is this the case now? I was always under the impression that in practice, JetBlue assigned boarding group letters based on seat alone, and that whether pax are on the same PNR was irrelevant. The prevailing policy was that if two people on the same PNR had different group letters, that they were welcome to board together in the later group if they didn't want to split up.
According to the website, it depends on whether you check in together:

As long as you’re on the same reservation and check in together, parties traveling together will be prioritized into the earliest boarding group assigned to that party on the same reservation. If you check in separately, you may be assigned different boarding groups, even if you’re on the same reservation. In this scenario, you are welcome to board in the group you are each assigned, or if you’d prefer to board together, you may board with the latter of the assigned groups in your party.
Sort of odd that their policy is to put you together in the earlier group, but if their IT fails to do that, you have to wait for the later one...
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