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New member here. I read through most of the postings. It is nice to see some very rational and experienced postings.

As most of you know, many more airlines/countries grounded the 737 Max8 pending the investigation.
The FAA pushed Boeing to issue a software update that was still in development.
Multiple pilots have reported "issues" with the aircraft.

The similarity between the two crashes is what is striking. The issues with erratic rates of climb (either real or reported by the system) is disturbing.

Do not forget, most pilots flying 737 Max8s were flying 737-800s or something else previously. Under stress, your instincts take over. If you have done one set of processes for a long time and now are sitting in a familiar cockpit, but required to do a different set of processes.....UNDER STRESS...many people will resort to the previous set of processes.

I think they already have the preliminary information from the EI boxes in hand.
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