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Help please! Trying to find a JL J/F from DEL-NRT-LAX but way out (330+) days for Feb 2020. All I can see Jan/Feb is BA options and no JL. Even if I switch calendar there is but one flight and even then DEL-NRT is in coach. I do see very sporadic J+F flights over the months until Jan 2020. So is this normal? Is there some trick/option I am missing? My final destination in PHX but I can buy the local flight onwards since I cannot mix Alaska. Anything that can get me in J+F to LAX (or SFO) would be good. If I search DEL-NRT separately I do see a little more J availability? Is this a married segment thing? Would I be able find a DEL-NRT J and then stitch it with NRT-LAX F? I could wait until the last moment only if that is normal and I would see more availability then. But If I look at what is available for even this month right now on that route it looks slim ... Help.
How bad do you want to go and how many miles do you have? Alaska does this BS blocking of flights near the end of schedule, especially premium cabins. Really the AS schedule mostly looks out about 325 days for premium cabin JL one-way. I can get AS to show me coach one-way through 2/5 (330 days) by searching one-way w/miles DEL-LAX 2/3/20 and then click on 2/5 from the results but you do not want coach. If you wait a few days the February dates will come into the range of being released from the AS blocking. Of course, some of the availability may be taken by other programs by then. There is a hack you can use to get what you want now. Considering AS does not admit they are blocking (even though they are) you can use the following hack. You need to search for a round trip. If you search for a round trip where the outbound is outside the AS blocking window then you can see availability for the return inside the AS blocking window. The play here is to book a reverse round-trip then cancel the outbound within the 24 hour free change window.

How does this work? Say you are looking for DEL-LAX one-way on 2/5, search a round-trip from LAX-DEL/DEL-LAX with the outbound a couple of weeks earlier to be outside the AS blocking window so maybe LAX-DEL on 1/22 and DEL-LAX return on 3/5. Book it, call AS and tell them you no longer need the LAX-DEL and to drop it from the reservation leaving you with DEL-LAX on 3/5 in J/F. Of course you must have extra miles to book a round-trip to get this strategy to work but you will get them back almost immediately.

But wait, it gets better! You do not have to book a complete round-trip. A multi-city trip with an outbound from LAX-TYO and the return DEL-LAX is enough. This way you can play with a few less miles for the initial booking. Book LAX-TYO in Y and DEL-LAX in J/F then within the 24 hour free change window call and drop the LAX-TYO segment.
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