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DY does not have interline ticketing agreements. Rebooking OA is simply not in the cards.
I remember reading somewhere that DY decided to cancel a route from SEA to somewhere and that they told the passengers that they had to fly from LAX instead and that the passengers had to pay for the SEA-LAX transfer themselves and that DY wouldn't pay up until after lots of fighting. In other words, if they put you on a flight to DUB instead of SNN, then you may have a hard time claiming back the cost of a train ticket from Dublin to Limerick, or wherever you are going.

Another problem is that DY may have difficulties rebooking passengers due to many suspended flights, so the dates could change significantly. Don't book any accommodation or anything which can't be cancelled free of charge until you know when you will be flying. DY legally has to cover any extra hotel and restaurant costs, but you may have to go to court to claim back that money.
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