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Was planning on flying Norwegian on 4/12 SWF-SNN on the max 8 on April 12. Now with the news of it grounded how likely do you think it will be they can reaccomidate for the same city pairs at a similar flight time? I’m nervous they’ll reroute me to Dublin or now have to be leaving from JFK at or at vastly different times... how big will this impact their max flight routes I guess is to be seen...still trying to prepare.
During the Gatwick drone shutdown last year Norwegian did not rebook on other airlines but only on its own flights which meant quite long waits for some customers. I can only expect the same here. Given how much of Norwegian's TATL fleet is 7M8s I think it is very, very unlikely to get the same flight back. expect changes to airports (on both ends) and departure times. Also note that 7M8s are now banned from European airspace, it is not just the airline's decision.
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