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Originally Posted by KRSW View Post
Does it bother anyone else that remodeling the hotels is #9 on the priority list?
To be fair, Sheraton 2020 was developed under legacy Starwood, which no longer exists. Marriott to their credit de-flagged 10,000-plus rooms from the Sheraton brand in 2017 and 2018 because owners of the hotels wouldn't (or couldn't) invest in their dilapidated property.

I'd like to just have decent food-and-beverage at a Sheraton property. I can't remember a single Sheraton that I've ever stayed at with a good restaurant. It doesn't need a Michelin-rated restaurant, either. Just decent, quality food at fair prices.

Look at this picture of a Sheraton property's dining room:

Looks all fancy, except you know they never have that level of service when the buffet is setup in the back.
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