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Is your child a lap child? If your child needs a seat, then it may be challenging to find a flight with two seats together if you misconnect.

By the time you pay for a checked bag, is basic economy cheaper? If you buy economy I think you can then pay for economy plus which might make sense with a child. I'd also check the seat map to see if one of the middle bulkheads on UA has seats. That gives you a bit more room with the kiddo.

I hate Frankfort. The security is really picky. I had to unpack all my camera gear because the x ray machine couldn't see it. I've never had to do that anywhere else.
He’s not a lap child and I would want to sit with him. We don’t need economy plus though. He will be absorbed in his iPad and he’ll be perfectly fine. He happily takes a middle seat. Basic economy is not cheaper – in fact it will be a few hundred dollars more. But it will be nonstop. It would be closer if I use my United credit card and don’t have to pay for the checked bags, but then the travel insurance isn’t good and I’d pay just as much for travel insurance. So basically I’d be paying a few hundred dollars more to go nonstop.

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