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Let me remind all that the 737 Max in third world countries shares something else aside from pilots, and thats different operating conditions.

Remember that the MCAS auto-trim system depends on a single source of information of angle of attack to determine its input to the flight controls. If that information on angle of attack is erroneous, then the MCAS auto-trim system will tell the plane to do things it should not do, dive or climb when it should not.

In third world operating conditions that pitot tube maybe more likely to become contaminated with particulate matter that would obstruct it and lead to it not performing appropriately. We do know that in the Lion Air crash, the day before the plane had been performing erratically and had been referred to maintenance, we don't know what was done, should have been done, what Boeing recommends being done with MCAS auto-trim system knowing its a single point of failure system.

So if I was Boeing, I would be telling a Max operators that the information source for angle of attack in put to the MCAS auto-trim system to be check before and after every flight until Boeing comes up with a further fix.
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