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Well QF a couple of years ago did state that they wanted to develop such technology where the system would notice a specific user would search for flights and they could adjust pricing for it. One of its acquisitions was an IT company that did such data mining and predictive behaviour.
The defence of such systems is that it could get a known customer to buy a ticket if the system sees that the variety of searches may correlate to a search for a cheaper fare, better connections etc and offer a better price that would get the customer to buy a fare.
Of course most people think that the airline would just jack up the price to get a higher fare and therefore yield, but they are ignoring the fact that a high price may lead to a lost sale altogether as that customer may not choose to fly or even fly another airline.
I have noticed that QF site not only states if there are 5 or fewer seats in that fare bucket but also now states how many customers have searched the same flights in the past. All more pressure on the customer to book a fare now....and not wait for the DSC promotion.....
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