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Originally Posted by Adam Smith View Post
Other than pods for the redeye, YYZ could potentially just be addressed with higher frequency. But yes, for long-haul from YYC, NRT is the big question. I wouldn't hold out much hope given it's seasonal and less than daily already.
Agreed with YYC-NRT...With so much YVR-YYC capacity/frequency, I really wonder if its worth it to AC to use one of their few 788s to make the direct YYC flight worth it?

As for a few others, my guesses:

YOW-LHR - MAX with seasonal 333 (I believe it used to be a 333 in the summer?)
YYC/YEG-YYZ - more frequency with MAX and 321s. That said, it seems that there are certain times of day that could make a 789 or 77L work on YYC (ie. 8am westbound to YYC, returning at noon - or 8pm westbound and red-eye back to YYZ).
YYZ-DUB - MAX with seasonal 333.
YYZ-MXP - 333. Big capacity increase, but I don't think they'd cut the route.
YYZ-MAD - maybe Rouge? If not, 333.

Even with just a few frames left, the 763 sure is an important plane for AC! It'll be interesting to see how they deal with the end of the 767 era!
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