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I suppose the QF angle is that QF has some fairly sophisticated demand prediction and yield management software which covers things like school holiday dates and sporting events. I have never met anyone with detailed knowledge about this system, it is pretty secret, but I have seen it at work in subtle ways. An example no longer relevant so open for discussion as it can't be considered confidential is QF keeping track of director meeting dates in NYC for certain companies which had Australian connection as it led to a spike in F seat demand back when QF flew 744 into JFK with an F cabin. A class would disappear on certain dates leaving only full-fare F.

But I have not seen QF raise fares due to spike in demand such as floods. I was in Brisbane in 2011 for the flood flying out on QF on one of the last planes out with ticket bought on the day and it was not exorbinantly priced. Remember being impressed with the terrific job QF did at BNE that day.
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