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2019-Feb-11 New Version of the Rule Sheet

The rule sheet is again available on the Oneworld web site
(Home Page --> Global Travel --> Oneworld Explorer --> FAQ "How is my Fare Calculated" --> "Click here for full fare rules and conditions")

I'm not sure of the significance of this change. The following paragraph has been removed from Rule 15 "Sales restrictions"
When travel originates in a country for which a specific local currency fares is published and the ticket is sold in another country, the fare will be that published for the country of origin converted to the currency of the country of sale at the bank selling rate.
Other than the above, there are only minor changes from the version of 2019-Jan-08, according to diffchecker)

A comment at the top:
Eff 1 September 2018
• Fares ex Egypt introduced
• Para 4 (j) Open Skies removed as an affiliated airline of BA
Part of Rule 4(j) has changed
QF operated services within USA (eg LAX-JFK vv) not permitted unless booked as a through flight segment between Australia & USA (eg SYD-JFK vv)
QF operated services within USA (eg LAX-JFK vv) not permitted unless booked in conjunction with a QF operated and marketed online connection or stopover flight at LAX
Some changes to the list of affiliated airlines

Some other, very minor changes

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