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Originally Posted by BruceyBonus View Post
You are aware that (except in Aena airports in Spain), Ryanair do not routinely use airbridges? They have steps from the tarmac and the "drop-off" for gate dropped bags is at the bottom of the steps. So no more work for the staff than if they had been delivered there on a baggage cart.

In the past, Ryanair has actually reduced service to or even dropped airports that force them to use airbridges.
Apologies for taking this quote out of context but it is the only thing I have found that has helped me at all.

I am trying to establish if Ryanair use steps at Manchester. My fairly infirm in-laws have got themselves booked on a Ryanair flight from Manchester. Although I wasn't involved in the booking I have got sucked into helping with the damage mitigation/limitation exercise. I have found a page on the Ryanair website about booking assistance but it looks like it is necessary to be very specific about the assistance required.

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