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I was there last Sept 2018 and received the vouchers for the lobster and steak. The steak is for a tomahawk. It was pretty bad. I definitely wouldn't pay for it so you're not missing out on much. The lobster voucher could be redeemed at Tradewinds and the french restaurant. We decided since the steak was so bad at Tradewinds, we would try redeeming the lobster at the french restaurant. The lobster was also pretty bad so you are also not missing out on much.

I really enjoyed my room and the resort grounds, but the food was just okay. I was pretty disappointed in most of the food establishments. The Italian restaurant, food truck and taco place were pretty good though. I also liked the coffee shop, but other than that, Tradewinds was meh, the Asian place was not good at all, buffet was okay and the french restaurant was disappointing. The dessert shop was cool, but most desserts were just okay. I did not try the place that looks like a Johnny Rockets.

We also used USA Transfer and they were great. I would definitely use them again.
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