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Originally Posted by hfly View Post
April is not going to happen, it is a dream, not before October at the earliest.
Is this only a gutfeel or is it an educated guess behind which you have some reliable clues?

My personal opinion (guess) is beginning April may still be difficult, or say a rather "imposed" and "difficult to achieve without bearing the negative consequences" date. A date in the second half of May 2109 looks more realistic to me. Buuut: if they can't do it by the end of May, yes they will really have to postpone it to October, because of the intervening high and hot summer season. The best they can do is to shift some more domestic and international flights to ISL but still keeping the ISL:IST airplane movements on 1:10 or 1.5:10 ratio. It will be technically impossible (or very very risky) on the ATC side to split the total aircraft movements on fifty fifty (or even 2:10) basis for both airports.
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