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Originally Posted by Buster CT1K View Post
But this can't be true, because no fares have gone down with the introduction of saver fares. Fares have stayed the same or gone up.
I... never said anything about AS fares going down, so I'm not sure what you're getting at.
Originally Posted by Eurynom0s View Post
When it comes to trying to keep customer loyalty, avoiding inspiring indignation isn't exactly nothing.
From the reaction I've seen here, most of us are just griping about the extra costs instead of going free agent. It's established that that 1) BE has raised profitability for other carriers and 2) investors are now demanding that AS match that profitability. Doing so by adopting BE will, as we've seen, produce a lot of consternation and some behavior changes among the FF population. But if you're asking the airline to just raise fares across the board to meet those expectations so you don't have to pay so much to get your F upgrades, you're basically asking all the kettles to subsidize your elite benefits. And I think the kettles have things they'd rather spend their money on.
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