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Originally Posted by diamond club freeloader View Post
I haven't been at Bankside since early summer, so thought I'd update with my experience of staying a few nights this weekend.

I'm not a Bankside apologist, by any means, but it is worth noting that while the disappointing changes others have noted on this threat are quite right - this remains a top hotel.

The hard product continues to be presented immaculately. And I noted that the place was really buzzing - mainly the bar area... it's as though it has managed to gain traction in the area at last.

The few snips away from the service here and there are a shame - e.g. minibar offerings reduced as described above, Loseley yogurt no longer available at breakfast... The hotel persists with the 1-category-only upgrade practice too, but that's not new. But these issues are minor. There are enough lounge snacks and a 7-11 Sainsbury's next door to get past the lack of coca-cola, peanuts and gummy-bears in the minibar. The stand-out granola remains at breakfast and is just as nicely complemented by the loose greek yogurt as it was by the pear & fudge Loseley stuff.

I picked up a bargain weekend rate of £126, so that made booking a no-brainer. But, I have to say, the balance between this hotel and Tower Bridge is close and I'm inclined to let the too rate decide which I book. Just don't be too put off by the critical remarks you read. It has lost a bit of it's shine here and there but overall remains a superb UK Hilton.

As an aside... On this visit I discovered Tibits, nearby (hat tip to wizla for the recommendation) - the most joyful vegan meal I've ever had - I'll be back for sure!
I guess itís kinda inevitable that they would start to trim the great amenities here eventually, I remember when Hilton Canary Wharf first opened and it was awesome, then we gradually started seeing the cutbacks , the same with Hilton Bournemouth too, all are still great hotels just no longer amazing.
Glad you liked Tibits, I found it by accident as I wanted to take my lady to a proper vegetarian restaurant as I loosely follow a Palio diet but found I really liked it, everything I tried was so tasty, itís now become my 2nd favourite restaurant in London and we go fairly regularly, not too often or it will become the norm.......glad you had a good stay.
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