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i cycled my DITm every 3 days and increese cl every 60-70 days until I could cycle limit 2-3x each month.. I even forced them to incr my cl in first 2 wks. Mine had tons of visibility.
I guess what was "before" and if it was "safe" does not mean that now is "OK" to do it. Banks adapt to current conditions, some fast, some slow. But eventually, in my view, such aggressive cycling is an invitation for trouble. Especially, when double CB is paid only on 13th month - you have to be very careful not to screw up. I would be satisfied with whatever CB amount I get, when doubled instead of not getting anything at all (in my case, they gave me first 4K CL, so I was under this limit for 3 months, then I asked for increase - they upped up to 7K, then in 3 months - to 11K). Even it was not great, I accepted that.

That's too bad, that some people don't get an idea that you cannot get everything. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
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