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Originally Posted by brp1264
Sony's are about the same weight as the Bose.
Originally Posted by freecia
Sony WH1000XM3 headset weighs 9 oz/0.56 lb. I just weighed it on my postal scale. The fabric hard zippered case is 5.2 oz but I suspect the Bose case also weighs a good bit as it is similar construction. The Sony microphone is not great according to others so Bose would be a better choice if you need to use it for calls.
So I guess Amazon's weight info is not correct. Any weight difference between Bose Q25/35 and Sony XM3 is unnoticeable then?
@freecia: Can you do me a huge favor and measure the dimension of your WH1000XM3 case? The QC25 case measures 8.25" x 5.5" x 2.25". I really wouldn't want something that takes up more space than that.

Can anybody provide dimension for QC35 case, for that matter?

Also, you can still listen sans NC via Sony after the battery dies, correct?

Originally Posted by brp1264
I also travel with a small pair of in-ears to use on my computer for calls and the Samsung Gear Icon X 2018 for when I am moving around and don't want the bulky and hot XM3s on my head.
I tried QC20 in-ear and my ears can't tolerate it beyond 2-3 hours. I think I could handle QC25 (over-ear) almost forever.

Originally Posted by freecia
Are you still in Japan? I picked mine up at Yodobashi Akiba, JP version with a Visa discount & tax free. They also have the export version with an international warranty. Bic Camera's CC discount might be a bit higher. Visit e-earphone shop in Akihabara to try out headphones with your own phone/Bluetooth device and test out the fit as that can be very personal. They also offer tax free. It is a really fun store for headphone addicts and there's also a shop around the corner for custom IEMs.
No I'm not in Jpn anymore. Getting a Sony in Jpn tax-free is a great idea, though. The Jpn version works fine with everything in US? I'll be back in Jpn later this month, but unfortunately not going to Tokyo this time. Going to Sapporo instead, but I actually really need something before the trip (16 hrs of flying to get to CTS via TPE).
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