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Originally Posted by navi_jen View Post
Any good stories?
Let's start with fingers... Broke an index finger playing catcher in a pick-up game of softball. I took a bat to the hand. Broke a pinky playing football with Penn State football players one summer. Not on the play where I broke my finger, but before that, I was the one that turned the flag football game into a game of tackle football. I tackled one of the PSU football players, and once they figured out I was fine with it, we then moved to tackle football. That was the same game that another friend got a broken nose. His healed faster than my injury, as the campus med center didn't set mine correctly, so the ortho needed to re-set it.

Other broken bones:
  • Right foot, falling down two steps (had surgery to fix it)
  • Other index finger, slammed it in a car door
  • Kneecap, fell on a wet concrete floor
  • Nose: Empress Cobaka head-butted me
This only covers broken bones, not sprains. Sprains are another story, and I can blame Empress Cobaka for some of those too.

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