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Originally Posted by jcr67 View Post
Yes, it's only the width of the space I am concerned about in 13K.
In which case there is no difference on any seat as constructed, they are all identical dimensions. Clearly you would have the fuselage along the side, but if that is the issue then go, paradoxically, for the E seats since they have privacy and more width. Not from the seat itself but just from the edging around the seat where the E seats have a few cm more space than any other CW seat on that aircraft. You're trading off privacy with visual access of the aisle area from what you are saying, and that essentially works against each other. Personally I think 13K is a great seat, and so is 13E. I would need a lot of persuading to go to 6B due to the lack of privacy and the swishing First curtain directly in front. But that lack of privacy then gives sideways openness.
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