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Originally Posted by subject2load View Post
You may wish to consider (Malaysian) Borneo - readily accessible on a very short hop from Kuala Lumpur. Good wildlife opportunities, good value once there, and an attractive landscape too. Have enjoyed a couple of (short) visits over the last two years.

As for your original plan for Costa Rica : I flew down there with BA in 2016 and had a great week in what is a very welcoming and friendly country. I believe it’s widely considered as one of today’s very best ‘wildlife destinations’ worldwide. Seems a pity that it might not work out for you, but I wish you safe travels whatever you decide.
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I would echo subject2load's suggestion of Sabah and/or Sarawak, the two Malaysian states on Borneo. Very interesting places and not overcrowded by tourists yet.
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Having been to Costa Rica (and loved it!) my gf and I had the same question for our own 241 this year, and after a bit of research we booked a week based in Kuching in Malaysian Borneo as mentioned twice upthread.
Fantastic to see such recommendations for the Malaysian part of Borneo. It reaffirms my decision to head there for a few weeks of vacation in May

Really looking forward to this trip, and the opportunity to fly again in a world-class F product in the form of LX will give the trip a great start
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