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Better than the A380 on the available routes

My wife and I were on the new F on EK44 from FRA to DXB (daytime flight). Since our connections to BKK and return was on a mix of old 777 and A380 I had a good opportunity to make a direct comparison and peeps…this cabin really is a game changer!
Ok, so there is no shower like on the A380…but so what. On 6-7 hour flights (via DXB) you will probably have showered before the flight and if need be in the F lounge during the layover. This would be different on ULH but this cabin is not deployed on such routes. Also, no bar like on the A380…but so what… the suite is so private and comfy that I had no desire to waste any time at the “bar”.

What you do have are encapsulated suites giving you total control over lighting (including mood lighting) and temperature. For me this is a big deal as in the open suites I have real issues sleeping because of disturbances from ambient light, general cabin temperature (too warm) and the noise from other pax. On this daytime flight I was able to darken the suite completely. In my view the colours, finishes and design are more modern and aesthetic than on the other EK F products. I had the middle seat and absolutely loved the virtual windows. My wife sat in a window seat and enjoyed looking at the snowcapped Alps through her binoculars. The only negative of this cabin is the size of the lavatories which are still that of the classical 777. But then you can change into lounging clothes within the privacy of your cabin.As we were the only 2 pax on the flight we received full attention from the FAs. I got the feeling that EK has staffed these cabins with very selected crew. For the first time we had an FA (albeit French) who was wine savy and recommended different wines for paring with the menu. This totally elevates the dining experience. Until now I have never experienced this on EK and usually need to “try” all the wines myself. It was interesting to see how the FAs on our other F flights were really excited that we had been in this cabin and wanted details on the design and the inflight experience. This was actually quite sweet.

To sum it up - I would definitely go out of my way so that I could fly this cabin on medium duration flights. On ULH however, the A380 takes the pick.
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