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Originally Posted by bergamini View Post
I've found, by and large, that on my domestic flights people are much better about deplaning than boarding. They wait their turn in line and often there's a debate saying "you go first", "no you go." With that said, I did have an exception on MKE>LGA last month where a person of a certain generation we all love to mock, aggressively pushed through from Y through C+ and then to the front of F to deplane first. None of us were big enough to block the aisle and most of us were from WI so we really didn't care that much. It's a CR7 and there were gate checked bags. As I got off the plane, I saw her waiting for her gate checked bag. As I went by her I said "Did you literally just push past 15 people to stand in line waiting for a bag? Rude!" She didn't make eye contact or acknowledge me. And I wasn't overly hostile, more sarcastic and said in passing, though she definitely heard me as I saw her face go flush. Oh well, hopefully she don't do it again.
Maybe she was an infrequent traveler who was forced unexpectedly to gate check the bag and then realized too late that it contained valuables, so that she wanted to be sure to be present when he bag was delivered.
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