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I've found, by and large, that on my domestic flights people are much better about deplaning than boarding. They wait their turn in line and often there's a debate saying "you go first", "no you go." With that said, I did have an exception on MKE>LGA last month where a person of a certain generation we all love to mock, aggressively pushed through from Y through C+ and then to the front of F to deplane first. None of us were big enough to block the aisle and most of us were from WI so we really didn't care that much. It's a CR7 and there were gate checked bags. As I got off the plane, I saw her waiting for her gate checked bag. As I went by her I said "Did you literally just push past 15 people to stand in line waiting for a bag? Rude!" She didn't make eye contact or acknowledge me. And I wasn't overly hostile, more sarcastic and said in passing, though she definitely heard me as I saw her face go flush. Oh well, hopefully she don't do it again.
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