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Originally Posted by Auston View Post
If passengers have a reason to get off quickly (e.g., tight connection, emergency, etc.), it is up to them to politely explain their situation and ask those ahead if they would mind letting them proceed. Most of the time, other passengers will understand the request and let them advance. It's a matter of communication and common courtesy. And of course, a genuine "thank you" once the request is granted should also be part of the mix. All of this seem to have been lacking in the OP's story.
The other word that should be underlined is "ask". Perhaps the people further up in C+ also have a tight connection, too.

​​​​​​I've been asked before only to find the "tight connection" folks waiting with me at my next gate 20 min later. Maybe they were feeling claustrophobic. Whatever - if they asked with some degree of niceness I don't mind one bit. But if someone puts their hands on me and tries to push? They get a firm "please don't touch me or my things" and then summarily ignored.

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