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Opinion on deplaning etiquette?

I was on a DL flight the other day and watched some drama unfold; kinda curious to hear what FT folks might think:

FC was deplaning normally, folks in the first row of C+ were standing up and grabbing their bags and getting ready to move up, at the same time, a couple that were a few rows aft of C+ had made their way up to the front of C+ and were trying to push past everyone in the aisle.

One large man (in the first row, right side of C+) was in the aisle grabbing his bag from the overhead when the pushy couple literally tried to push him forward - it was evident that he wasn't having any of that and didn't budge. I heard the pushy young lady comment to her partner that "Some people are just rude".

After the big guy grabs his bags, he backs up a bit into the pushy couple to let the guy across the aisle from him out to get out and grab his bags... that didn't go over well

So pushy couple decides they're going to push past as the guy in the left row is getting up, but as he gets up, he blocks their path and now they're really upset.

I happened to be the next row behind them as they deplaned; they made all sorts of passive aggressive come ta the whole way, comments about being rude, entitlement, holding up the line, being fat enough to take up the whole aisle, etc, etc

I was shocked, but figured it would make for an interesting topic on FT....

So what do y'all think?
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