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Firstly, apologies for the delay in providing more detail about some plans/suggestions for the do. As we approach the 8 week mark, a small group of us have been trying to hatch some plans and suggestions as to how best to prepare for the do. However, it seems that our Gibraltar cousins have taken a leaf out of the Spanish neighbours and manana is in full swing. Trying to get a response to emails is proving nigh-on impossible, which has somewhat stunted our progress, and made planning very difficult.

Secondly, given the sheer size of the group, finding something that we would all be happy with, and the logistical nightmare of collecting deposits etc., we have decided to try to keep things as simple and as informal as possible. However, we want to be as inclusive as possible, so please don’t be a shrinking violet. Whether this is your first do, or your twentieth, please do speak up and don’t be afraid to just join in.

To ensure that nobody is left out, we will be setting up a WhatsApp group for the do. We will be sharing the group link to those going, so please do join to keep up to date with information as we go. To ensure we don’t get any un-invited solicitations the group will remain private and we won’t be posting the link on here, but are happy to share via PM.
Please see below for further details.

Friday 22 March
There are a number of intrepid explorers setting off early. We wish them the best of luck in their endeavours, and being the adventurous types, we are sure they will be able to make their own plans among themselves.
In addition, there will be a pre-do gathering at the Hilton Garden Inn near Hatton Cross on the evening. All welcome to join. Please add your name to the Wiki if you are planning to stay.

Saturday 23 March
Terminal 3 at LHR

There are some 60 of us traveling through Terminal 3 this morning. As much as we might all appreciate the CX First lounge, the reality is that it is a relatively small space. Therefore, we have planned to gather in the CX Business lounge. Of course we are all free to wander and go in whichever lounge we see fit. No doubt some will find themselves perched at the gin bar in the Qantas lounge!
Many of us are already proud card carrying members of BAEC. However, if lounge guesting is required, please just say and this should not be too much of a problem to arrange among ourselves. If you are silver and have a desperate desire to see inside the hallowed halls and the inner sanctum of the CX F lounge, just holler and we will see what can be arranged.
Please be aware, 60 BA passengers turning up on a Saturday morning to the CX lounge may cause something of a stir. If needs must, then we will have to split up and find refreshments in one of the other fine establishments in T3: QF, BA or AA. See the following for more detail on T3 lounges

Gibraltar – Morning and Afternoon
For those already there, please make your own arrangements amongst yourselves, whilst keeping an eye out to see what fun you are missing at the airport.For those joining on the early flight, we have made the Holiday Inn Express aware of your arrival. A suggestion for this afternoon is for a walk/cable car up the Rock from where you will hopefully see the afternoon flight arrive.

Drinks Reception 17.00
Ok, this is probably too grand a title. We are proposing, whilst also mitigating a scrum at check in for the HIX, that we convey for a drinks reception in the bar at the hotel. This will be the start of the main do in Gibraltar. We have communicated this to the hotel so are hopeful that they are aware of our presence. The menu is somewhat limited, but drinks and snacks should be available.

Dinner 19.00
With so many people, so many tastes, and so many different budgets, trying to find a suitable venue would not be feasible. Add to this the need to collect deposits, etc. it was felt that this would be very difficult to organise one place and ensure it went smoothly for everyone. We have, therefore, prepared a list of some of the finest (and perhaps not so finest) eating establishments in Gibraltar that should cover a plethora of tastes and budgets, for you to consider. There are plenty others so dine where you want!

Please feel free to indicate your preference in the Wiki, so those interested in the same restaurant can contact each other to join up. You may want to consider contacting the restaurant well in advance to make a booking, especially if there is a large group interested in the same place. (We are currently looking to set up a doodle so that we can also share ideas on that. Watch this space.)

See the following post for some suggestions for dining in Gibraltar.
Of course, there are also plenty of bars for those who are keen to continue the liquid diet.

Evening Drinks 21.00
As with restaurants, finding a suitable bar to host such a large and diverse group has been beyond our abilities, despite considerable effort. If anybody knows somebody, who knows somebody whose sister’s cat goes to the same vet as the owner of a cat who has a suitable venue, please do let us know!!

Consequently, and as a 'backstop...' in case we are unable to arrange a single venue, we propose that we mingle among the bars on Casemates Square. Most bars tend to be small in Gibraltar, but they come with the benefit of heated outdoor terraces. The WhatsApp group will be a valuable source of information as we may travel from bar to bar, so it will be a good way of meeting up and mingling as the night progresses.

Late night refreshments 00.00
The bar at the Holiday Inn Express is available 24 hours. Where better to end than where it all began?!

Sunday 24 March
We imagine that for some the prospect of a run up the rock as the sun begins to rise will certainly be foremost in their thoughts. For others, a few extra hours in bed will be the order of the day. As for the more hard core, they may only get into bed as others are getting up to head to the airport, as was the case in PHX.Please feel free to make your own plans, but a nice spot of brunch may be the order of the day. If anybody has any ideas or suggestions, please do say, and we will see what can be sorted.

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