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Originally Posted by LCUF View Post
Too long ago to remember what I got exactly but it was totally not what I expectd. I guess I will have to give KFC in Japan a try again.
Well, don't go out of your way to try KFC while in Jpn. Me saying it's better than the US one isn't much of an endorsement.

Out of all the budget chain places on my list, the only thing close to a must-have when I visit Jpn is Gindaco. Gindaco, Starbucks, Vie de France, RF1 and maybe Omusubi Gonbei are about the only widespread chain brands I try to seek out on every visit (I only included Gindaco in the discussion up to this point, because the other places are not eateries). I used to have to have MOS and Doutor, but those have sunk down on my priority list. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like the standard for budget food in Jpn is getting lower, outside of ramen and gyoza and Gindaco.
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