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Originally Posted by Concerto View Post
Thanks very much for the pointers and information. Actually, it will be a question of going to the airport, rather than taking the bus from the airport. So I hope all vending machines can sell the airport ticket. I will be starting from the Hilton Garden Inn at Berckmannsstraat 128. But this is a racket, isn't it? There's no way the airport bus ticket cost so much when I was last there. Having said that, I really liked jumping on and off buses and metro in Brussels.
Yep, all vending machines will sell you an airport ticket, every metro station has at least one vending machine, and it's fine to use it to take the metro to Schuman to catch the airport bus.

The 4.50 bit is ridiculous; you can ride a hell of a lot farther for 2.10 (e.g. the 50 bus all the way to Lot), but I guess they figure they can soak people because it's still cheaper than the train. The worst part is that even if you pay them 500 a year for a pass, you still have to pay for the airport ride.
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