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Originally Posted by javabytes View Post
Elmer is good... it's one of those bottles that should cost $39 at retail but because of its scarcity often goes for $100+. I certainly wouldn't drive 300 miles for it. If you have a regular liquor store you visit, talk to them. They'll probably see it a couple times a year, and there is usually a spring release. If you're a good customer, and it's an independent store (as opposed to a mega-chain) they might give you a call or put one aside for you when it comes in.
I've drunk any number of bourbons in the $30-55 price range and enjoyed them but I wouldn't travel 300 miles for any of them. Unfortunately we lost the last good independent here 4 years ago and have to rely on the big chains. There's a place in Pensacola where I shop when I'm in town but anything like this they would draw names for the right to purchase.
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