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It works like any other transit system in Europe, you pay money and ride the bus, tram or metro

With the exception of the airport bus, every STIB/MIVB ride is the same cost, same ticket, no difference between bus, tram or metro. That's why the map looks like a bowl of spaghetti--the city is small enough that they felt the need to put every bus line on the map as well as metro and tram.

At the airport, there's a vending machine at the bus stop that will sell you a ticket for the airport bus, €4.50, also valid for the rest of your trip. Easy. Where it gets stupid is that for any other trip you can only buy single rides (€2.10, valid for unlimited transfers within 60 minutes) or 24-hour passes (€7.50) on paper tickets. For anything else, you need a plastic MOBIB card for €5. Then you can load 10-ride tickets for €14.

In the most Belgian solution ever, you can't load stored value--you buy 5-ride or 10-ride tickets or 24/48/72 hour passes, because that's how the paper tickets worked 10 years ago. To add insult to injury, you can load products on your card at the vending machines that every station has, but you have to get the card from a human being at a shop. At least you can get them 7 days a week? Locations here: (Bootik and Kiosk can both sell you a MOBIB card)
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