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Brussels Public Transport

It's only 3 or 4 years since I've been to Brussels, but the whole city public transport thing seems to have changed again. Just going onto the site of the STIB and looking at the map was enough to induce a migraine. I thought only the Germans had made such a fine art of making city transit so complicated and user unfriendly. So how does it work?? Really, it's a genuine question. I am one who always looks at city transit, in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, you name it, and I always master it. But this one quite blows me away. I am looking at taking the bus out to the airport (as I did last time, avoiding that stupid overpriced train) as well as making other trips around the city. Is just simply buying a one way ticket such a challenge? Or do I have to sell my soul to understand how this ridiculous STIB system works? Do I need to prepay 5 for some rechargeable card, valid for 5 years, and then load enough money onto it for the needed rides?
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